Mon Activewear : Growth the sales with CPAS Campaign

  • Client Mon Activewear
  • Date April 2022
  • Author Paul Trueman

 The development of the fashion industry continues to transform, following global trends and responding to consumer needs and preferences. Technological advances have played a key role in the development of fashion, and have succeeded in increasing sales through digital marketing campaigns and E-commerce platforms that are very easy to reach for consumers. In the dynamic world of e-commerce, where competition is fierce and product choices for consumers are very diverse, innovative marketing strategies are the key to increasing sales. Mon Activewear, which is a leading brand in the sportswear industry, has succeeded in increasing its sales through the Collaborative Performance Advertising Solution (CPAS) campaign. Mon Activewear leveraged CPAS not only to increase its online presence but also to reach more targeted consumers through the Facebook advertising feature thereby achieving significant sales growth. Collaborative Performance Advertising Solution (CPAS) is a form of collaboration between Shopee and Facebook to run advertisements by targeting users in the Facebook Audience Network using visit data on Shopee. Facebook Collaborative Ads (CPAS) will provide a great opportunity to increase store conversion rates by making it easier for Facebook platform users to view products in your Shopee store simply click on the ad to visit your store. The aim of this campaign is to increase user interest and increase conversions, while the performance metric used to measure the success of the campaign is the level of advertising effectiveness (ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend).

KPI and Strategic of Campaign

 By analysing customer behaviour and preferences, Mon Activewear identifies more specific audience actions, such as adding a product to the basket to completing a purchase, which are indicators of audience engagement. This helps Mon Activewear adjust its campaign KPIs to measure the success rate of the campaign and ensure that every action is directed towards the main goal of increasing sales. In contrast to traditional advertising models, CPAS optimises its advertising costs based on the actions taken by the audience. The CPAS feature provided by Facebook is an effective and efficient digital marketing option for developing business. One of the advantages of CPAS is that it displays products on the marketplace in the form of a product catalogue so that it can be seen by more users from various marketplace platforms on the Facebook network. This CPAS feature will help direct the audience to open product links displayed in the catalogue directly into the marketplace, this can encourage the audience to make purchases. Collaborative Performance Advertising Solution can determine the target audience so that advertising will be more targeted. Apart from that, CPAS can also launch a Facebook campaign with retargeting ads that target audiences who have interacted with the products in the online catalogue displayed. The combination of the E-Catalog display and the right target audience helps Mon Activewear in obtaining data or information from the online catalogue which is used to determine strategies that suit the specific preferences and needs of the audience. Optify continuously analyses the performance of the CPAS campaigns being run to ensure that the strategies implemented can achieve maximum levels of efficiency and achieve higher conversions.

Performance of Campaign

Mon Activewear's strategy in the CPAS campaign is not only to increase brand awareness but also achieve significant success in increasing sales. Currently, sales in Mon Activewear's E-Commerce continue to increase every month while this campaign is running, by expanding the target audience network and displaying promotions in E-Commerce through the CPAS campaign, helping Mon Activewear increase their sales to all areas of Indonesia. improvement in their marketing strategies. By combining the power of an easily accessible website with an integrated digital marketing strategy, BCA Life has successfully created an ecosystem that provides real added value to users. This step not only enhances their presence in the digital market but also proves that digital innovation can shape the future of financial services.

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