Search Engine Marketing

Noto : Achieved to increase awareness with SEM

  • Client Klinik Gigi Noto
  • Date April 2022
  • Author Paul Trueman

In the midst of fast and competitive digital marketing trends, the ability to be different and recognized is a necessity for a brand's success. Noto Dental Clinic, which is one of the most trusted Dental clinics has succeeded in leveraging the power of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) not only to increase its online presence, but also significantly increase brand awareness.

Campaign Strategy SEM Klinik Gigi Noto

 The success of Noto Dental Clinic in increasing brand awareness can be attributed to the success of the SEM campaign which brought the keywords used in the campaign into search engine search results. To ensure that the brand is visible to potential customers who are actively looking for relevant products or services, Noto Dental Clinic implements strategies by optimising certain keywords, optimising advertising content, and monitoring campaign performance for optimal results. Central to Noto Dental Clinic's SEM success is strategic keyword targeting. By conducting keyword research relevant to Noto Dental Clinic's business, and identifying the terms and phrases that are most relevant to its products or services. This strategy allows Noto Dental Clinic to ensure that its advertisements are displayed when potential customers search with relevant keywords, effectively attracting the attention of an active audience who visits the CTA (Call To Action) or website listed in the SEM strategy.

Performance of Campaign

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or Main Performance Indicators in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns are very important for measuring the success and effectiveness of implemented strategies. In the Noto Dental Clinic SEM campaign we use the Click KPI as the main KPI to measure the success level of the campaign. Monitoring these click-KPIs on a regular basis helps the Optify team to understand the extent to which SEM campaigns are achieving their goals and to make necessary adjustments to keep campaigns effective and efficient. Increasing the Click KPI is the core of Noto Dental Clinic's SEM strategy. Optify regularly monitors and analysis the performance of its advertising campaigns. By utilising analytical tools, Noto Dental Clinic obtains data and information about click rates, conversion metrics and audience behaviour. This data-driven approach allows them to make informed adjustments, optimise campaigns to get maximum results, and ensure that any budget used is absorbed maximally and effectively within the campaign. Noto Dental Clinic understands the importance of adapting its strategy to changing market demands. This flexibility allows the brand to remain in the Google search engine to maintain the existence of Noto Dental Clinic in the world of digital marketing. Taking a data-based approach and setting clicks as a benchmark for campaign success, Noto Dental Clinic utilises SEM to increase brand awareness as proof of the effectiveness of strategic digital marketing. By combining careful keyword targeting, engaging advertising content, continuous optimization, and a keen awareness of industry trends, Noto Dental Clinic has succeeded in building brand awareness from a digital marketing perspective.

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